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Bobby Eldridge of PurePoint Golf has been teaching professionally for over 30 years and has developed some of the most comprehensive golf swing DVDs available today.Each golf swing DVD features Bobby’s simplistic and proven golf swing methods that have helped average golfers from over 36 countries lower their handicap.Learn more about these revolutionary golf swing DVDs today!
the full golf swing

The Full Swing DVD

The foundation of every golf game is the full golf swing. It’s very hard to have a good round if your full swing mechanics are incorrect. Learn correct mechanics in this simple to learn, easy to remember golf swing instructional method outlined by Bobby Eldridge, head golf pro for PurePoint Golf.

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The Pitching DVD from PurePoint

The Pitching / Lob DVD

The golf pitching golf instruction video will show you simple techniques for getting the ball onto the green and getting it to stay put consistently. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casino 2021 free spins now is the time to start playing and winning! Everyone’s seen pros drop the ball onto the green from 20 yards out with backspin so it sits up on the green right near the hole without rolling away or past it. So how do you do it? Watch this instructional DVD and find out!

Learn how to drop strokes from inside 50 yards!

driver dvd

The Driver DVD

Everyone wants to learn how to drive a golf ball further off the tee. We dream about it. 300 yards. It’s a fantasy for most of us. Make it a reality by following the simple golf swing steps on this instructional DVD from PurePoint Golf. Bobby Eldridge, head golf pro for PurePoint Golf, walks you through these simple steps to learn how to hit the ball off the tee with more consistency, accuracy and distance.

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How to Hit a Draw DVD from PurePoint Golf

The Draw / Anti-Slice DVD

Add distance and consistency to your long game by learning what some have called the most powerful shot in golf – the Draw. We’ve all played rounds with a golfer who knows how to draw and fade the ball. They play dog legs with consistency. They hit the ball further than us. And they play both sides of the fairway. Be one of those people and learn how to draw a golf ball with this simple to follow, easy to remember instructional DVD.

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Short Game DVD

The Short Game DVD

Learn to golf the short game with this DVD that will show you in simple terms how to strike the golf ball consistently inside 100 yards. Most weekend golfers have their most trouble around the pin. Take away the fear and apprehension by building confidence and knowledge with our simple short game golf swing method.

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Putting DVD

The Putting Performance DVD

Bobby Eldridge and PurePoint Golf have developed a unique putting method to alleviate the most common issues the average golfer has while putting. Just watch the DVD sample below to learn about this extraordinary golf putting method that will have you hitting the ball with the confidence of a tour pro.

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PurePoint Golf The Bunker DVD

The Sand Trap DVD

The Bunker golf instruction video will show you simple techniques for getting out of a sand trap effectively and consistently. Don’t worry about hitting the ball into a bunker every again! This DVD will give you the instruction and the confidence to use the bunkers to your advantage like the pros. Pros will intentionally hit into a sand trap for their strategic advantage. Sometimes hitting out of a green side bunker is a safer play than trying to get over it.

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