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Golf swing tips - Using visualization to drop your golf score

May 01, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

One key difference between the golf pro and the average amateur golfer occurs during the pre-shot routine.

Pros focus their time and energy during this phase of the game picking out their target and visualizing the type of shot they want to use to get it there. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casino freispiel bonus ohne einzahlung now is the time to start playing and winning! Most amateurs spend this time focusing on all of the little details for how they will make their next swing. Multiple swing thoughts equals tension which is almost always a swing killer.

Even if you’re not a pro, you have a lot to gain by minimizing your thought process during the pre-shot routine. Instead of trying to force yourself into hitting the perfect straight ball, pick out your target and focus on aligning yourself for your normal ball flight. Then visualize the flight pattern of your golf ball for the alignment your have taken.

The old adage of mind over matter works on the golf course!

Thanks and have a great day, Michael 

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Golf Swing Tips - How to speed up on short putts

April 29, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

This is one problem that I have certainly struggled with over the years. It goes something like this…

You take too long of a backswing with your putter on a short putt, realize that you have made a mistake mid swing and try to correct it by decelerating your putter through the ball.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a golf swing tip that you can take to the practice green that will help you accelerate through the ball on short putts.

Place a tee a few inches behind where you address the golf ball. With the tee in place, it will limit your backswing and force you to accelerate through the ball to get it to the hole.

This drill will help promote greater rhythm in your putting stroke and alignment on your follow-through.

Good luck, Michael

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Golf Swing Tips - A simple golf swing thought to stop hitting it fat

April 28, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

We’ve all been there…hitting the ball or chunking it. Here’s one simple golf swing tip that you can take out to the course the next time you play to keep from chunking it.

One of the main reasons that golfers hit behind the ball is that they don’t trust the loft of the club to get the golf ball into air. And a lot of things will break down quickly in your swing when you try to loft the ball with your swing.

The most common mistake golfers make is that they leave their weight on the back foot and tilt their spine backwards thinking that it will help launch the ball. When your body is in this position during the downswing, you are almost always guaranteed to release your wrists too early causing the club to hit the ground before the ball.

If you haven’t already figured out the swing tip here, the first step is to trust the loft of the club.

  • The first move of your downswing is to shift your weight forward;
  • Think about swinging to a finish which means hitting through the ball and ending with your weigth forward and to the left (if you’r right-handed).

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Golf swing tips - How to make on-course adjustments that will improve your score

April 22, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

We’ve all been there. We arrive early at the golf course and hit the range with a buckets of balls to warm-up. If all goes well, we go through our warm-up and work out any kinks in our swing before we hit the course.

And on many days, we’re able to carry over the work from the practice range and get similar results with our golf swing.

But what do you do on those days when you develop a new swing problem on the course that you weren’t expecting?

Maybe it’s a slice or even a hook. There are several reasons why this could be happening and today I want to offer up some golf swing tips which can reduce the frustration and bad results that can easily occur in these situations.

In short, I propose that you go with the hand your dealt that day. While some of you may be able to diagnose the breakdown in your swing immediately, I propose that you embrace your new problem and use alignment to improve the results of your ball striking. This is much easier to implement on the fly and will likely cause you much less frustration during the round.

  • Hooking the ball from the fairway - Set-up to the left side of the green (right if you’re a lefty)
  • Slicing the ball from the fairway - Set-up to the right of the green (left if you’re a lefty)
  • Hooking the ball off the tee - Place your tee in the middle of the tee box and use an open stance at set-up (placing your back foot further away from your body in relation to your front foot)
  • Slicing the ball off the tee - Place your tee in the middle of the tee box and use a closed stance at set-up (stepping away from the ball with your back foot so that your toes are parallel to the middle of your front foot)

These tips aren’t meant as long term solutions to your golf swing, but are valuable golf swing tips to have in your toolbox when you need them on the course. To learn more about creating a golf swing sequence with more consistency and better results, take a look at the Simple Golf Swing today.

Good luck, Michael

Long Distance Golf Drivers - How to Add 10-15 Yards in 4 Simple Steps

April 21, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

I don’t know any golfer who wouldn’t be interested in adding some distance to their golf swing on the tee or from the fairway. Today we’ll cover an easy way to add distance from the tee which you can expect will add another 10-15 yards to your shot. This tip comes courtesy of PurePoint Golf Head teaching Pro Bobby Eldridge.

This first step is to review what actually generates generates power in the golf swing. Some of these items will be good common sense but the last few will shed light on the areas that are commonly misunderstood by most golfers.

  1. Solid ball contact on the sweet zone of your club, not the toe or heel;
  2. Making sure that you hands rotate through impact;
  3. Using proper weight in concert with your hands through impact; and
  4. Understanding that a club face that is down at your follow through will equal more power. Conversely, a club face that is open through your follow-through will equal less power.

With that in mind, let’s add another 10-15 yards off the tee.

  1. Use your normal pre-shot routine making sure that you bend at the hips;
  2. Use a closed stance, which will mean placing your back foot so that your toes are parallel to the middle of your front foot (it will feel like you’re stepping away from the ball with you back foot);
  3. Shift your weight forward a bit, placing 60% on your front foot; and
  4. Keep your knee bend at set-up the same as your normal swing.

From there, take your normal swing concentrating on shifting your weight and hands through the ball as mentioned above.

If you’d like to learn more about how long distance golf drivers actually do it, we have a DVD that focuses exactly on this point. Check it out today and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Best of luck, Michael

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3 Golf Short Game Tips To Better Bunker Play

April 15, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

Yesterday we focused on developing consistency with your pitch shots. Today we’ll move to another area of the short game which gives a lot of golfers fits - the bunker.

I can think of few shots that can intimidate the amateur golfer more than hitting out the bunker (okay, maybe whiffing on the first tee would rank higher). And like the pitching tips from yesterday, much of what I’ll share today will seem a bit counter-intuitive.

But stay with me, there’s a method to the madness…

The most common results of a poor bunker shot are a line drive over the green or having the ball move just a few inches forward in the sand. The last result usually happens because the golfer is afraid of hitting it over the green.

Let’s start with the set-up.


Golf Swing Tips - Why Picking Up Your Chin = A Proper Shoulder Turn

April 02, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf Tips, Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

If you’re like most golfers, you’re always looking for ways to improve the consistency of your ball-striking.   And while there are several factors that contribute to a good golf swing, I’m going to focus in on just one critical component of your backswing - your chin position.

Have you ever paid attention to the position of your chin as you prepare to swing your golf club? Most golfers who struggle with their backswing keep their chin too far down. Okay, so why does this matter?

Keeping your chin too far down during your backswing prohibits your shoulders from making the proper shoulder turn. Instead of the back shoulder turning around the body, a golfer who has their chin down swings up because their head is blocking their shoulders from turning.

While it is not impossible to hit the ball this way, I can guarantee that you’ll always struggle with consistency.

3 Step Drill - Keep Your Chin Up

The next time you go out to the range, give this drill a try to see if this is one of the reasons you have been struggling with your ball striking.

1. At address before you hit the ball, pick up you chin 1 or 2 inches.

2. Remember that your back shoulder should turn around your body.

3. Take your normal swing and experiment with your chin position to find the position that works best for you.

Good luck and let me know how it works for you!

How to learn to play golf: Improve your golf swing by using proper weight shift - Part III

April 01, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

If you watched the PGA tour this weekend in New Orleans you know that there were a lot of weather delays. And while this causes us to miss the action, I was intrigued by one of the things that Johnny Miller pointed out during the weather delay.

They showed Woody Austin warming up on the practice range with a golf ball under his right foot. So why would he do this? As it turns out, it relates to my recent posts on how to shift your weight properly in the golf swing.

You see, placing a ball under your right foot (left if your left-handed like me) helps keep your weight from shifting back on your swing. And it’s heartening that even the pros have to work on this aspect of your game!

If you can hit from the grass at your local range, simply press a golf ball into the ground so that roughly 50% of it is sticking out of the ground. As you get into your stance make sure that the ball sits underneath your back heel.

If your local practice range uses mats, you can substitute a golf ball with your golf towel. Follow the same principles making sure that your towel is folded so that it is roughly 1 inch off the ground.

With our golf ball or towel in place, simply take your normal swing.

Give it a try the next time you hit the range and you’ll be surprised at how helpful this simple drill can be to developing more accurate ball striking.