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Possibly The Worst Golf Swing Ever - Charles Barkley

May 15, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Simple Swing Method No Comments →

I came across this video on you tube today and had to share it. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casino freispiele heute now is the time to start playing and winning! If you’ve never seen former NBA star Charles Barkley play in a pro-am over the years, let’s just say that he has a “special” swing.

If you’re down in the dumps about your golf these days, this will certainly make you feel better.

Personally, I have always been a fan of Sir Charles. I might not always agree with his opinion, but he keeps it real.

I had read that he was taking lessons summer in the hopes of fixing his unique “hitch” in his swing but gave up just a few days into the lessons.

All kidding aside, if you’re serious about making some dramatic improvements to your game this summer, I urge you to take a look at the simple golf swing method. This method has been put through the ringer by over 16,000 golfers around the world so far and it has a 95% success rate. Not bad!

Feel free to bookmark this entry so that you can replay this video any time you want a pick-me-up.


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Golf Pitching Tips: 3 golf clubs for 3 distances

May 13, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf chipping, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

Do you struggle with distance control when you chip or pitch the golf ball? If you interested in developing more distance control, I’d suggest giving these pitching tips a try. I did, and it has made a big different in my short game.

For years, I have primarily been a one-club chipper regardless of the distance to the hole and type of lie. But this technique required me to have excellent touch all the time.

Here is the new approach I have been taking that relies more on the loft of the club to provide the distance control instead of my hands or wrists.

  • 9 iron - Use for short chips
  • 7 iron - Use for medium length chips
  • 5 iron - Use for longer chips

You’ll want to experiment with each of these clubs to see how far the bar travels in the air and on the ground once it hits the green. And try to practice with a green if at all possible because it is critical to get a feel for the type of roll you’re getting with each trajectory.

I’d also suggest getting some practice using this new club selection technique on both uphill and downhill lies.

You may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned your pitching wedge, sand wedge, or loft wedge.

I still use all of those clubs, but usually only when I need to get the ball into the air quickly or if I have a particularly bad lie in the deep stuff.

Give this a try and I’m sure that you start to see why using these 3 clubs is your secret to quickly developing distance control with your golf pitching.

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Golf Putting Tips - Save strokes with effective lag putting

May 06, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf putting tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

While there are days where I hit a few approach shots inside 10 feet to the pin, it’s more likely that I will leave myself with a long putt.  And this is where strokes can add up very quickly for the amateur golfer.

Think about it, how many times have you had a putt of 30+ yards that has resulted in a 3 putt? Or worse yet, a 4 putt. A round in the 80s and quickly approach the century mark if you have too many holes like this.

Here’s a few golf putting tips that will help turn those 3 or 4 putts into 2 putts more often than not.

As you line up for your long putt, make sure that you spend time reading the area around the green. Remember that as the ball gets closer to the hole it will be moving slower and any misread around the hole can put your ball several feet off your original line. This may sound simple, but you don’t want to overlook this step.

My goal for these putts isn’t to sink it but rather to get it within 3 feet of the hole. 

Learn more about the golf putting tips that will have you sinking putts with ease and playing with the confidence of the pros.

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Golf Chipping Tips - Using Your Putting Stroke For The Bump And Run

May 05, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf chipping, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

About 12 years ago when I started to pick up the game again since playing as a kid I played a lot of rounds with my father-in-law. He’s not a flashy player, but he always gets it done and plays with a great amount of consistency.

One golf chipping tip that he introduced to me that has served me well has been to use my putting stroke to chip the ball when I’m around the greens. This won’t work from the deep rough, but it’s a great tool to have in your toolbox when playing from the intermediate rough or fringe.

Take your club of choice and start by setting up a little closer and more upright to the ball. You may want to experiment with the ball position, but I place it anywhere from the middle of my stance to the inside heel of my back foot.

Once your set-up is complete, you’ll want to keep more weight on your front foot just like any other pitch shot then simply take your putting stroke.

I always try to pick out a spot about a third of the way to the hole and let it roll from there.

Why go for the fancy shot when you can get consistent results with a more simpler approach? And if your nerves are running high during the round, it is sure great to know you can use this easy set-up and get great results.


Golf Chipping - How to change trajectory by altering your grip pressure

May 04, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf chipping, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

I was reading through some of my old Golf Digests today and came across this tip from Jim Flick.  I like this golf swing tip in large part because it keeps things simple. Check it out.

Jim  was reflecting on the 1969 British Open, specifically recalling the brilliant short game play by Davis Love Jr., the late father of current PGA tour pro Davis Love III.

If you’ve watched the British Open over the years you know the wind can play a large factor in the outcome of this major.  Following a spectacular week of pitching in 1969, Davis Love Jr. shared that one of his secret weapons was his grip pressure on golf chipping.

It turns out if Davis wanted to hit a high pitch shot he would grip the club lightly and conversely would grip it tighter if he wanted a lower trajectory bump and run type shot. 

Gripping the club lightly allows the club to release and naturally adds loft as it glides under the ball at impact.  A firmer grip helps keep your hands in front of the ball at impact with a secure clubface position through impact.

It’s so easy to over analyze all aspects of our game and I know that I will give this simple golf chipping tip a try the next time I hit the practice range.

 To better golf, Michael

Golf swing tips - Using visualization to drop your golf score

May 01, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf swing tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

One key difference between the golf pro and the average amateur golfer occurs during the pre-shot routine.

Pros focus their time and energy during this phase of the game picking out their target and visualizing the type of shot they want to use to get it there. Most amateurs spend this time focusing on all of the little details for how they will make their next swing. Multiple swing thoughts equals tension which is almost always a swing killer.

Even if you’re not a pro, you have a lot to gain by minimizing your thought process during the pre-shot routine. Instead of trying to force yourself into hitting the perfect straight ball, pick out your target and focus on aligning yourself for your normal ball flight. Then visualize the flight pattern of your golf ball for the alignment your have taken.

The old adage of mind over matter works on the golf course!

Thanks and have a great day, Michael 

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Golf Swing Tips - Using a fairway wood or hybrid to chip around the green

May 01, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf chipping, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

We’ve all been there…you end up in some thick rough right off of the green and you end up chunking the ball or skulling it so that it goes way past the hole.  Here’s a golf pitching tip that will eliminate the stress of hitting the ball squarely without getting the clubhead caught up in the rough.

Grab your fairway wood or hyrbid club and set-up like you would for a putt. Choke down on the grip and take your normal putting stroke.

The design of these clubs will help you cut through the rough and will get the ball airborn just long enough to land it and let it roll to the hole.

Give this a try the next time you end up in this situation and you won’t be disappointed.

To your golf success, Michael

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Golf swing tips - Putting tips from a pro to break 100

April 30, 2008 By: Beginner Golf Tips Category: Golf putting tips, How to learn to play golf No Comments →

If you’ve watched Phil Mickelson the past several years on the PGA tour, you’ve probably noticed that he has a very unique pre-shot routine to his short putts. Frequently, Phil will line up to the left or right of his ball and take one or two practice putts facing the hole.

So why does he do this?

It all goes back to a practice routine that he started to incorporate into his short game a few years ago via golf great Jackie Burke.

Phil will line up about 10 balls around the hole each about three feet from the hole. He proceeds to work his way around the circle sinking every ball in the hole. And if he misses a putt, he will frequently start over again until he sinks 100 in a row.

While you might not have the time or patience to sink 100 putts in a row yourself, there a two key benefits of this drill:

  • It keeps you from falling into the common trap of trying to steer the ball to the hole on short putts and
  • Helps you build confidence by developing a natural reflex on short putts

Even if your goal is to sink 20 putts in a row, you’ll find that these knee-knockers can be turned around to strengths in your game and will help your drop strokes off your game.

Learn how to flawlessly sink putts with these backwards golf putting tips.