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My earliest experience with golf is one that I fortunately don’t remember - I was tattooed on my head with a driver that was being swung by my neighbor. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to casino bonus free spins ohne einzahlung now is the time to start playing and winning! Today, I rank golf at the top of the list of things I most enjoy when not working.

I don’t have the time to invest in practicing that would enable me to become a scratch golfer at this point in my life. Work and family make it difficult to play as much as I would like and that’s the way it should be now. My lowest score was an 82 in 2006 at the Crooked River Ranch golf club in central Oregon. On average, I score in the low 90s.

I have been fortunate to live in some beautiful parts of the United States and currently enjoy the wide variety of landscapes offered by courses in the Pacific Northwest. My favorite local courses include the Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club, Red Tail Golf Course and Herron Lakes.

So why It is my goal to create an online community that will improve your golf game through proven golf tips and secrets.

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