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Tuesday, 11:10 a.m.

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Many Of The Golfers I Know Have Spent Thousands Of Dollars On This Game With Little Or No Results!

From the newest clubs, to gadgets and one-on-one lessons with teaching pros – it all adds up and quickly. Listen, I’ve certainly spent a small fortune on golf instruction over the years and sadly, most of it was disappointing. During my most recent foray into private golf instruction, I decided to spend $700 for 11 lessons with a teaching pro at a local club during the winter. (And this was about 40% less than their normal price.) So I arrived at my first lesson as a golfer who averaged in the mid-upper 90s and had broke 90 only 1 time in my life. Not bad and not so good.

What’s more, I’m a pretty competitive person and my goal was to be able to start scoring in the 80s once my 11 weeks of golf instruction was over. My first few lessons were okay and I started to see just enough improvement to make me feel like it was all worth it. But when I finished, I felt that my golf swing was more of a mess than ever before and it just felt too complicated.

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The Secret To An Effortless Golf Swing Was Staring Me In The Eyes For Years!

Until very recently, I had spent years quietly poking fun at my father-in-law who had a very pedestrian looking golf swing. What was strange is that while his swing didn’t look anything like a “pretty” golf swing to me, he was able to score in the low 90s and 80s all the time.

I Was More Concerned About Developing A Pro Golf Swing…

How did he do it with that awful looking golf swing that you’d never see on the PGA tour? He kept it simple. And that’s when I had my “Aha!” moment that changed my game forever.  Just like too many golfers today, I was more concerned about developing a pro golf swing instead of trying to create a golf swing that was efficient and easy to duplicate on a consistent basis.

Now that’s when I discovered the revolutionary golf swing method developed by Dave Nevogt and Bobby Eldridge.

Dave Nevogt is the author of the original best-selling golf eBook on the internet The Simple Golf Swing and Bobby Eldridge brings over 30 years of teaching golf and is currently the head teaching pro for PurePoint Golf.

Over 55,000 Golfers Are Playing The Best Golf Of Their Life Because Of This Revolutionary Golf Swing!

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